My Story

Thanks for coming to look at my website! I'm Gina and I am here to help you with all your Digital Assistance, Graphic Design, Social Media, Website and Community Development needs. 

​I have a Graphic Design Diploma, a Business Diploma and a Community Development Degree (Double Major - Community Development and International Aid and Development)... but that is just my studies. I have worked in A LOT of industries from Subway to being a Tent Monkey in Europe. I strongly believe everyone should work in administration in their desired field, or any field really, before working in their dream job to appreciate what needs to be done and improve all things time management and planning. I have worked in administration and been a Senior Project Support officer in a Community Organisation throughout my studies to become a Community Development Officer. (Though I do admit I enjoy administration and organising way more then is usually socially acceptable!) I have also done a lot of travel in between and am extremely passionate about travelling and meeting incredible people all over the world and understanding their cultures, world views and passions.

I have had the privilege of volunteering and working in many countries with amazing projects helping support communities.​

When COVID-19 hit I was living in Cambodia working with people who had a genetic blood disorder called Thelassaemia Major. Sadly my contract was cut short and I was sent home because of the Pandemic. I am now back in Australia for the time being and want to keep working with all the incredible Not For Profits around the world. So I am here to help with Digital Assistance, Graphic Design and Communications.

​Please give me a hola and lets have a chat about what support you need!

I'm currently in Brisbane 

0422 104 397

Sun: Closed, Mon-Fri: 8 am-6 pm, Sat: 10 am-4 pm